OBDeleven referral program – what it is & how to get rewards

OBDeleven referral program – what it is & how to get rewards
At OBDeleven, community and sharing are at the heart of what we do. We’ve noticed how much you enjoy fine-tuning your cars with OBDeleven and sharing those experiences with others (shoutout to our forum and community groups for their lively chats!) 
That’s why we introduced our referral program – our way of saying thank you for spreading the word and being such enthusiastic brand ambassadors. And we're talking real, tangible rewards here. 
Whether you’ve been with us for years or are just starting out, all you’ve got to do is share the word, and you’ll earn rewards for every friend who joins the ride.
Let’s explore what the OBDeleven referral program offers and how you can make the most of it.


Why join the OBDeleven referral program? 

50 Credits for every successful referral
OBDeleven Credits are our in-app currency for activating ready-made customizations called One-Click Apps. They're used to adjust, turn on, or disable car safety, comfort, and driving features with just a single click. Meaning you don’t need any special know-how, because our team already did the hardest part – coding – for you.
With One-Click Apps, you can integrate retrofitted parts like parking sensors, LED license plate lights or taillights, reset service lights, activate video in motion or needle sweep gauge test, play around with Urban Joke, Scandinavian DRLs, and much more.
Since Credits are linked to your account, they’re accessible across both OBDeleven and OBDeleven VAG apps. All you need to do is log in with the same account credentials.
Note: One-Click Apps are currently available for Volkswagen Group and select BMW Group vehicles. Different apps are for different models – check what’s in there for your ride on our supported vehicles list.
10% discount for friends and family
When your friends, family, or any other potential referrals use your referral link to get OBDeleven, it’s not just you who benefits.
They’ll get an exclusive 10% discount on our most popular products – the OBDeleven NextGen device, PRO, or ULTIMATE Packs.
It's a solid deal for them and a win for you as you collect rewards for each successful referral. Sharing really does pay off – for everyone involved.
Unlimited referrals
And the best part? There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, which means your earning potential is endless. Every share, whether on social media, in car forums, or just a chat with friends, could turn into more Credits for you.
So go ahead and spread the word about OBDeleven far and wide – and your rewards will only keep growing. 

What can you do with 50 Credits, exactly?

Now, let’s talk about what you can actually do with the rewards from each referral. To put it into perspective, 50 Credits are roughly equivalent 9 EUR.
The price of One-Click Apps ranges from 10 to 100 Credits – depending on how complex the customization is.
Say you want to play with lights; for example, make daylights work in sync with turn signals or reset service lights. Often, such customizations only require 10 Credits to activate the app.
So, in this scenario, one successful referral could bring you enough Credits to do five different tweaks (with five One-Click Apps). That’s quite a start for a personalized ride, isn’t it?

How the OBDeleven referral program works  

Step 1: Find your referral link
First things first, locate your unique referral link. Simply open the OBDeleven app and navigate to the “More” section in your account. Tap on “Refer and Earn.”

Here, you'll find your personalized link ready for sharing. Just click on "Share link" and choose how you want to send it. 
Step 2: Share your link
Now, it's time to spread the word. Share your link with friends, family, and fellow car enthusiasts. You can do this via social media, direct messages, emails, or even in person. The more you share, the greater your potential rewards.
Step 3: Enjoy the benefits
For every friend who uses your link to make a qualifying purchase (like the NextGen device, PRO, or ULTIMATE Packs), they receive a 10% discount, and you earn 50 Credits. 
Step 4: Track your success
Keep an eye on your referral progress. Your OBDeleven account dashboard will show you the details of your referrals, including earned and pending Credits.
Just a heads-up: Credits will be added to your account 30 days after a successful referral purchase, aligning with our 30-day money-back guarantee policy.


Ways to share your referral link

You know your circle and how to reach it best. But if you’re looking for fresh ways to share your referral link, we’ve got some handy tips for you:  
Leverage social media
Think of social media as your personal broadcasting station. Share your OBDeleven stories – how it's revved up your car's performance or added a cool new feature.
Drop your referral link in a tweet, a Facebook update, or an Instagram story. Your genuine recommendations could turn your followers into OBDeleven users.
Connect in car enthusiast communities
Online car forums and enthusiast groups are prime spots for sharing your referral link. The key? Be helpful. Offer advice, answer questions, and weave in how OBDeleven has worked for you. Then, share your link as a resource, not just a referral. It’s about adding value to the conversation.
Of course, always pay attention to the forum or group rules first – some sites may not allow sharing personal referral links.
Word of mouth
Sometimes, old-school methods are the best. Whether it's at a car meet-up or just hanging out with friends, a casual mention of how OBDeleven has enhanced your driving experience can spark interest. Follow up with your referral link via text or email.
Emails and newsletters
Got a blog or run a newsletter about cars? Perfect. Share your OBDeleven experiences there. A review, a story about how you used it, or some tips and tricks can make for engaging content. Include your referral link so readers can discover OBDeleven for themselves – with a nice discount. 

Referral program FAQ 

What if my referral returns their purchase?  
If your referral decides to return their purchase within our 30-day money-back guarantee period, it's like the sale never happened – no Credits will be added to your account.  
Can I refer someone who's already using OBDeleven?  
Technically, yes. Existing OBDeleven users can use your referral link. Just remember: the referral rewards apply only when they purchase our NextGen device, PRO, or ULTIMATE Pack. So, if they consider gifting a device or getting an extra one, it's a perfect fit. However, the program doesn't extend to the FirstGen device or digital products like Plans and Credits.  
Do my earned credits have an expiry date?
No. Credits you get as rewards are timeless. Once in your account, they're yours to use whenever you like.  
Does my referral link ever expire? 
No. Your referral link is evergreen. It doesn't expire, so you can keep sharing it and earning Credits as long as our referral program is up and running. 
Are there any more terms and conditions I should know about?
Just a few – the referral program applies only to NextGen device, PRO, and ULTIMATE Packs, meaning you won't get a reward, and your referral won't get a discount for our digital content (Credits and Plans) or FirstGen device. And if another sale is ongoing, referral discounts don't stack.