5 Easiest Car Maintenance Tasks to Save Money Using OBDeleven

5 Easiest Car Maintenance Tasks to Save Money Using OBDeleven
Car maintenance can be a challenge to anyone’s wallet. Whether it’s preparing for a new season, doing a preventative routine check, or dealing with various faults and fails – it all takes time, money, and brings a considerable amount of discomfort.
However, with OBDeleven you can cut back on all of these things. In this article, we’ll look over 5 easy car maintenance tasks you can do yourself without stepping out of your car.  

 OBDeleven – In a Nutshell

OBDeleven is a pocket-sized Bluetooth device you can easily connect with your smartphone via the OBDeleven applications for Volkswagen Group (VAG) and BMW Group (F, G, I-series) vehicles.
You can use the OBDeleven tool to run in-depth car diagnostics to check on your car’s overall status and access manufacturer-locked features.   

These features can be customized, enabled and disabled with One-Click Apps – our pre-made coding applications that allow advanced customizations like adjusting vehicle comfort features, customizing your car's behaviour, activating functions after retrofits, or performing service in a single tap on your phone.   

OBDeleven offers advanced coding possibilities for professionals. So, if you’re someone who likes to know the ins and outs of your car, you’ll be able to do just that. Currently, OBDeleven supports Volkswagen (VAG) and BMW vehicles, although, some functionalities for VAG and BMW differ. 
You can check features available for your car model in our supported vehicles list

Brake Pads Replacement (VAG-only)  

Changing brake pads is usually a simple task for many car enthusiasts. However, today, many newer car models have an Electronic Parking Brake which makes changing the rear brake pads a bit more challenging.
To change the brake pads on these cars, you’d normally have to go to a workshop, but with OBDeleven, you can simply open up the app, choose the Brake Pads Replacement One-Click App comes and that’s it.

Battery Change (VAG-only)

To change your battery with OBDeleven, you first have to access and prep your car’s battery to be changed. Once you successfully swap batteries, don’t forget to take a picture of the new battery’s details.
After that, open the OBDeleven app, scroll down in the Control Modules section, and tap on Gateway. Then, go to Adaptation or Long Adaptation and change the battery details. Finally, click on test, and once the app says Success, you’re all set. 

Oil Change  

Most of the vehicles have a reminder about an upcoming oil change. And after every oil change you have to reset the oil service. OBDeleven does that for you by turning this task into a single tap on your smartphone.
All you have to do is open up the mobile application, navigate to One-Click Apps, and find the Oil Service Reset. And if you’d like, it’s also possible to change intervals between oil changes as well. 

Service Reset 

Much like with the Oil Service Reset, you can easily cut back on time and money spent on inspecting your vehicle by going to a workshop.
The Service Reset One-Click App lets you easily reset the Inspection Service message. So, if you're someone who's more familiar with their car and how to work it – you'll save money by making certain repairs yourself. 


Some of the most popular One-Click Apps include the Virtual Cockpit Theme which allows you to change the theme of your dashboard and expands the available ambient color palette to include up to 30 colors with the Ambient Colors app.
Another great example would be the Start/Stop system deactivation – instead of manually doing it every time you start your car, you can deactivate it with the One-Click App.  

To Sum Up

Having a car gives us the freedom to go wherever we want to go. Whether it’s going to work, on a holiday, road trips, or day-to-day activities – having a car is an amazing convenience.
But it also means that we have to take care of our vehicles accordingly. And now, car maintenance doesn’t have to be as expensive.
The OBDeleven device gives you the opportunity to customize your car and make the kind of changes you’d only get by visiting workshops. In the end, you know what’s best for you and how to help your car meet your needs.