OBDeleven Got a New Look: What's New & Why

OBDeleven Got a New Look: What's New & Why
Here at OBDeleven, change is part of our routine. We're constantly rolling out new features, improving functionality, crafting new One-Click Apps, and expanding our reach to cater to more car brands and drivers globally.
But this time, we took a different turn.
A decade in, we've grown, adapted, and learned a lot. So, we felt it was time our brand mirrored this growth. After months of dedicated work, rounds of brainstorming, designing, and fine-tuning, we're revealing our brand's fresh look.
Let's go through what's changed with our brand identity, the story behind this shift, and why it matters for your OBDeleven experience.


How OBDeleven grew up 

Back in 2014, OBDeleven started as a brainchild of two auto electronics engineers and a tech-savvy software developer. Tinkering in garages, they spotted a massive gap – the need for a simple yet powerful tool to simplify complex car diagnostic procedures.
The same year, the FirstGen OBDeleven device was born. And that's where the story of a compact, wireless device that lets you monitor, scan, and customize car features with just a smartphone started. 
In 2015, OBDeleven made its debut in the EU and US markets. A year later, the OBDeleven trademark was officially registered in Europe, marking our official entry into the automotive scene.
2017 was a breakthrough year for us – partnering with Volkswagen AG, we became an officially approved third-party tool for the Volkswagen Group cars. This game-changer partnership allowed us to expand functionalities, grow our user base, and enter new markets. 2018 celebrated a milestone of 500K users – a sign that we were on the right track.
Later on, partnership with BMW Group, global exposure, and a Deloitte award for being the fastest-growing tech company in Europe followed. Then we launched the NextGen OBDeleven device, too.
With each new car brand, agreement, and market, the trust in our product grew. Knowing this, we felt responsible for meeting and exceeding our growing community's expectations.
Fast forward to today, we're the go-to choice for over 3 million drivers for easy car maintenance and custom car tweaks.


Why we decided to change  

Ten years down the road, OBDeleven isn't just a gadget for car geeks – it's become a daily essential for drivers of all skill levels. Our evolution from a niche product to a universal car care tool mirrors our core ambition: making car maintenance simple and enjoyable for everyone, everywhere.
This transformation didn't happen in isolation. It's been fueled by continuous user feedback and insights from our team. Every piece of feedback – be it praise, critique, or suggestion – has been instrumental in our decision-making process.
We listened to what drivers and our team loved, what they needed, and what they dreamed of in a car diagnostic tool.
This rebranding is our response to this journey of growth and feedback. It's about realigning our brand with our broader mission to be more inclusive and user-friendly for drivers globally.


Meet our new logo  

Our new logo is a sleek, modern evolution of the original, keeping CAN, our beloved brand mascot, right at its core.
obdeleven logo
While our previous logo captured our initial spirit, the new design reflects where we're headed – embracing growth and a forward-thinking approach. 
The new logo is all about cleaner, fuller shapes with fewer intricate details, so it's more adaptable and readable, whether digitally or in print. It's a design that's both minimalistic and bold, symbolizing our journey from complex to simple, from niche to universal.
At the heart of this transformation remains CAN, our iconic mascot, who's also undergone a makeover. CAN's mission, however, remains unchanged: to make complex car tech more human. This virtual assistant embodies our spirit – bringing expert know-how in a clear and approachable style.
And while our logo's essence has evolved, its core structure holds true to our roots. The lettering, OBD plus eleven – our tribute to the OBD II port where it all started – is still there, linking our past to our future.


New colors

We've refined our color scheme to three primary colors: bright blue, deep black, and crisp white. Each color is a deliberate move to embody what OBDeleven stands for.
Bright blue takes center stage – chosen for its association with trust, stability, and modernity. It's a color that speaks of confidence and professionalism, qualities at the core of OBDeleven.
But that's not the only reason.
The OBDeleven team, the brains behind our innovations, had a say in picking our new brand color. And they chose bright blue – a color that, to them, is a perfect match for our brand's character.
So, what you see in our new color scheme is more than just a fresh coat of paint. It reflects our team's spirit, our brand's values, and our commitment to delivering a trustworthy, professional, and approachable experience to every driver.


What it means for you & what’s next

Our commitment to quality and innovation strengthens as we step into this new chapter. The logo and colors are just the first step.  
While you'll see our fresh logo and color scheme making their debut, some elements, like packaging, might still sport the old look during this transition. Bear with us – it's all part of the process as we roll out more updates.
But we're not just talking about surface changes. We're diving deep into enhancing our app's functionality, expanding our offerings, and ensuring our service is more user-centric than ever.
Our vision is clear: to make OBDeleven the ultimate car assistant, globally recognized for its reliable, innovative technology accessible to every driver.
As we navigate this change, we ask for your patience and promise that what's coming is worth the wait. Our vision of making OBDeleven a friendly, go-to assistant for every driver is becoming a reality, step by step.
Stay tuned – the best is yet to come.