The OBDeleven buying guide: which device or plan should you buy?
#obdelevenThe OBDeleven buying guide: which device or plan should you buy?

With several plans and two different devices offered to you, you might ask yourself which of the products you are potentially looking at would fit your needs. This blog will help you decide which OBDeleven device and/or plan is suited for you. 

Currently, there are two OBDeleven devices and three different digital plans, which unlock different features and functions at three different price points. 

In terms of the devices, on one hand, we have the OBDeleven FirstGen device, while on the other, we have the NextGen device. Fundamentally, they are the same Bluetooth-powered OBD-II adapters, and these are the differences between them:

- OBDeleven FirstGen device supports all Volkswagen Group (VAG)-made cars, including Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Škoda, Bentley, and Lamborghini, it only works on Android-based smart devices, including mobile phones.

- OBDeleven NextGen device offers iOS and Android support, as well as support for other vehicle brands that will come in the future, including BMW. Apart from that, as mentioned previously, the two devices offer the same functionality for users. 

The Basic Plan 

With either of the two devices, those who have purchased OBDeleven have access to the basic features of the tool. These include One-Click Apps, which are pre-made programming functions that unlock hidden features that you buy for credits, full diagnostic scan, the ability to read and/or clear trouble codes from control units, diagnostic data log sharing, fault code lookup, live data, and much more. 

The standalone device is best suited for daily drivers, who have limited mechanical knowledge and want to save money and time with advanced diagnostics, as well as unlock hidden features with One-Click Apps. They are pre-made programming functions that can enable hidden features, as well as make adjustments to your lights, dashboard, car responsiveness and other comfort functions, such as Video In Motion. 

The PRO Plan 

The PRO Plan, which you can receive by either purchasing the PRO Pack or a 12-month subscription on the OBDeleven application, will go a step further and unlock even more features. While it is catered to more advanced users, the extended functionality enables to perform coding, adaptations, control unit resets (UDS), basic settings procedures, trouble code freeze frame, etc. 

The PRO Plan/PRO Pack is tailored for enthusiasts or those who wish to modify the control units of their cars more extensively. 


Much like the PRO Plan, the ULTIMATE Plan is either purchased with the respective pack or via an in-app purchase. The Plan boasts everything that is included with the Basic and PRO plans, with the added benefit of unlimited One-Click Apps, a One-Click App builder (OCAbuilder), and RAW data of the vehicle. The OCAbuilder is a feature, using which, users can build their own One-Click Apps that they could easily use on many cars without having to manually program them every time. Meanwhile, RAW Data showcases the data from control units allowing you to easily view extended data such as Adaptation and Basic Setting IDs to ease the process of creating One-Click Apps.

The ULTIMATE Plan/ULTIMATE Pack is the perfect fit for those who are working with cars professionally, resulting in a larger number of vehicles that would benefit from the unlimited use of One-Click Apps, RAW data, and the OCAbuilder. 

The following table will present a more detailed and visual view of the differences between device-only, PRO, and ULTIMATE Plans: