How to Code Your Volkswagen and Audi After Retrofits with OBDeleven
#automotiveHow to Code Your Volkswagen and Audi After Retrofits with OBDeleven

Retrofitting has been around for quite some time. Not only is it a great way to upgrade your car, but it’s also an incredibly frugal solution when compared to getting a brand-new car. With the right knowledge and equipment, retrofitting your Audi or Volkswagen can significantly boost your vehicle’s performance and even extend its life.  

However, with newer car models, retrofitting can become somewhat more difficult. It’s not enough to just swap one part for another or upgrade an old one. Such changes and customizations have to be configured and programmed in order to function properly. In this article, we’ll go over how to do just that with OBDeleven.  

What’s retrofitting?

A retrofit refers to the process of adding new features or upgrading existing ones in a vehicle that was not originally designed with those features. For example, if you own a lower-spec vehicle that doesn't have a rear-view camera, you can choose to retrofit your car with a rear-view camera by installing it. Similarly, if your car uses bulb lights, you could retrofit them by upgrading them to LED lights. This can improve the car's visibility and make the lighting more energy efficient.  

Why do you need to code it?

Car retrofits often need to be coded or programmed to ensure that the new features work correctly with the car's existing systems. When you add new features or upgrade existing ones, the car's computer system needs to be informed of the changes so that it can adjust and optimize the performance of the new components.   

For example, if you install a rear-view camera, the vehicle's relevant control units needs to be programmed to recognize the new hardware and integrate it with the car's existing media system. This may involve changing car settings to make sure that the new camera works correctly.  

In short, coding or programming is necessary to ensure that any retrofits you make to your vehicle are properly integrated, function as intended, and do not show fault lights on your dashboard.  

Coding with OBDeleven

OBDeleven is a device that connects to your car's OBD-II diagnostic port and provides access to the car's computer system. OBDeleven comes with a mobile app that allows you to perform various diagnostic and coding tasks, including retrofitting. Although it’s important to note that available functionalities depend on the kind of plan you choose. 

With OBDeleven, you can manually code retrofits by accessing various control units in your car and modifying the settings to ensure that the new components work correctly and don’t light up fault codes. It’s important to ensure that any coding or programming is done safely and accurately. Improper coding can lead to performance issues or even damage to your car, so make sure you know what you’re doing before making changes to your car’s code. As an additional safeguard, it’s recommended to make a backup before doing any changes. 

OBDeleven has an extensive One-Click App library that lets you make various changes to your car – including coding retrofits. These pre-made coding applications allow you to modify various settings and parameters in your car's computer system, making it easier to integrate new components and features. 

Similarly, One-Click Apps let you install pre-configured settings and parameters for retrofits. These apps provide a simplified way to code retrofits, as you don’t need to manually modify each setting or parameter. So, the next time you find yourself thinking about your Audi or WV retrofit coding, consider OBDeleven as your go-to coding helper.  

To sum up  

The automotive industry is expanding rapidly and with every new model, new upgrades to software are made. While all this works to create a better driver experience, DIYs and retrofits can become a challenge without the proper knowledge. That’s why devices like OBDeleven are created – to give people access to their cars and allow them to make manufacturer-level customizations. In any case, make sure you’re properly ready and equipped to retrofit your car successfully.