How to get your OBDeleven questions answered?
#feedHow to get your OBDeleven questions answered?

OBDeleven is a constantly evolving professional automotive diagnostic application. How it may be used depends on the user’s experience, the scope of knowledge, needs, and vehicle equipment. Since the device and software may solve a wide range of automotive issues some questions do arise whether the user is a professional or just starting out. Our main goal is to make the whole experience as user-friendly as possible because an innovative gadget does require some knowledge for setup and usage. 

Our customer journey begins on the OBDeleven website. A user may have questions about the device, initial use and understanding of the general idea of it, systems it works with, subscription plans, and all the other basic questions related to postage or warranty. These basic questions are answered in the FAQ section of our website. 

The complete knowledge base can be found on our main platform dedicated to customer support and questions about OBDeleven – Support. It includes all the questions answered on the web, also the technical questions users could have, and more. Q&A are classified into these categories: 

General questions

Shipping & Warranty

OBDeleven device

Basic application usage

Advanced application usage

Subscription & Billing

All of these Q&A are conveniently doubled in the Help section on the application for the users’ comfort Users are able to choose the nature of the issue in-app – it may improve the speed of resolution of the problem. 

If a user has some pressing matters that are time-sensitive (including connection problems, initial device use, account issues, payments, shipping, and more) we answer them via Live Chat on our website (from 8 am to 5 pm on the workdays, Timezone UTC+03:00). The Live Chat is designed to be a medium for quick, non-technical questions as these require a deeper involvement and more time.

All technical inquiries regarding device functionality and its inconsistencies, as well as other problems related to the application and device operation, or other specific questions should be emailed to our customer support team at [email protected] Some issues can take up to a few days to be solved as the team needs to investigate the issue and some extra information. It takes some time to get to the root of the problem. Our Customer Support team is available Monday through Friday from 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM (Timezone UTC+03:00). If you have not received a response from us our team will answer your question as soon as possible during our working hours.

The Support team often gets questions about the coding tutorial, but we do not provide the instructions for car programming as it is general diagnostic knowledge. There is lots of useful information on the OBDeleven Forum: you can find car programming tutorials and tips, get answers to vehicle-specific questions, report bugs, request One-Click Apps, and get the latest news. On OBDeleven Facebook groups you can find commonly asked questions, get advice and assistance, share experience and tips with each other, and more. Our fans established even more Facebook groups in their local languages, there are about 16 of them now: English, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, and others. There are lots of other forums where car enthusiasts discuss OBDeleven.

We also answer your comments on our social media channels, but if they are technical and require more of our attention, we will ask you to contact support at [email protected] Questions about the latest updates are also common here, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter to get the latest news, you will get the updates once a month.

We are working hard to provide you with quality answers as soon as possible, but your extra effort seeking some knowledge (on our Forum, groups, and FAQ sections) regarding your issue will help you to understand more about car diagnostics and expand your automotive knowledge as well as possibly get your issue resolved faster.

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