How to do vehicle Backup and Full backup?
#obdelevenHow to do vehicle Backup and Full backup?

How to do vehicle Backup & Full Backup?

When customizing your vehicle, there is always a question: will you be able to revert the changes you have made if needed? It is especially important when it comes to programming your car. In case something goes wrong or you do not like the changes that were made, you want to be able to revert back to the old settings/coding in a control module. This is where the Backup function can prove to be very useful.

Car Backup allows you to make a copy of your current Coding, Adaptations, and other info (such as Advanced ID and Live Data) in a selected control module. Full Backup will do the same, but for all available control units, all in one go. Later you can view the saved data under the tab History. We recommend doing a full backup before making any changes to your vehicle, just bear in mind it might take some time to complete.

To restore coding values, you will need to copy them from backup and paste them into the required fields manually (see below). The same applies to adaptation values, except they need to be reverted back one by one.

Follow the instruction to use the function:

On Android devices:

  • Connect to your car and click your vehicle illustration, you will be redirected to My Car menu.

  • Choose Full Backup and start it: you will see the currently selected control unit and the progress of Backup. Give your Full Backup a title/name, so you could find the one you need. Once it is done, close the window.

  • Come back to My Car menu - the backup will be stored under History. You can find the backed-up long coding here. Press on adaptations or live data and open to see each value. 

  • Choose the control unit and the data that you need to restore press, and hold to copy the values.

  • Go to control Units, select the needed control unit, then go to Long coding or Adaptations, and put in the value you need to restore. 

More information with screenshots: Full Backups for Android

On iOS device:

Connect to your vehicle and open the Vehicle menu.

Open Backup and Choose the functions that you want to store in your backup. You can enter the name of your backup so you could find the one you need later on.

Start the backup. Once it is finished, you will receive a notification "Success".

The backup will be stored in your vehicle history. Click HERE to find your history.

More information with screenshots: Full Backup for iOS

If you cannot see the backup you have previously made in the history tab, please check if you have the correct filters turned on (press the upside-down triangle icon). If you have archived the backup, make sure to check that archived items are shown.

Some useful tips from our community members shared on OBDeleven Forum:

If you do a Full Backup then you can email that directly from the history function (you can click on full backup and then use the email button).

Send yourself an email containing the files - then print and have them available by your side to read when reverting settings. It's easily done like this.

iOS and Android applications have different user interfaces but they will be made uniform soon.