What is a ONE-CLICK application?
#ocaWhat is a ONE-CLICK application?

As experienced car engineers, we have coded a lot of cars. And we found performing coding each time you want to make any change to the car was really time-consuming. Moreover, not every driver has specific knowledge of that particular car/setup. This is how the idea was born - why not transform it into applications, which can allow the coding in just a click, and let you avoid any possible mistakes that could appear in manual programming.

So, what is the ONE-CLICK application?

One-click apps are pre-coded adaptations that will allow you to change or adjust vehicle settings and functions using the mobile app in just one click without having extensive automotive knowledge. Or as we like to say we made the coding for you.

How it is made?

Our team of skilled engineers gathers our community requests for the needed coding, transform them into applications, and test on particular vehicles. If it works well the application is then released to the public. When creating ONE-CLICK-APPS we listen to your needs and check your vehicle possibilities. Before the release apps must go through a certain process:

  • REQUEST. Just please check if the requested app is available for your car before filling the request form in OBDeleven Forum.

  • RESEARCH. Our team will check the possibilities on the specific vehicle according to the model, year, and equipment.

  • TESTING. If the app is available for a certain car, it will be tested.

  • RELEASE. After a successful testing app will be released to the public

How OCA improves daily driving?

One of the OBDeleven goals is to meet every driver’s needs that’s why we have developed most of the requested – more than 1000 – unique applications so everyone could find at least a few features to improve their comfort, driving experience, or even save money. Our developed car mods are categorized into 3 main categories:

Workshop applications are most used by people who like to do regular vehicle maintenance by themselves. In this category, you will find applications like Adjusting Basic settings of transmission also known as calibration of synchro points of transmission. Brake pads replacement, which allows opening and closing of EPB (electronic parking brake) when performing a brake pads change. Oil service or full Inspection service reset applications will allow you to reset service messages in your vehicle’s dashboard.

Retrofit applications will make it simple to adapt additional vehicle parts after installation like washer fluid level sensor or that LED license plate lights you always wanted.

Adjustments applications are probably the most used features since it allows you to adjust and activate various vehicle comfort functions.

  • Adjust car lights (daytime running lights, cornering lights, turn lights, etc. For example, you can make more intensive turn lights by activating fog lights to work together. Turn signals and fog lights blink on after other.

  • Control comfort settings – activate or deactivate door auto lock, remote window closing or opening, lock/unlock acoustic confirmation so you don’t need to double-check if your car is locked.

  • Unlock cool visual features – needle sweep also known as gauge test, optical parking systems, change cockpit/dashboard themes or change ambient colors.

  • Add more features like a lap timer, additional drive modes, activate auto-folding mirrors or mirror dip to simplify the parking.

  • Disable unwanted functions – have you ever come across small details in your car which slightly irritate you? If yes OBDeleven One-click applications help you to remove them. Don’t worry about the seat belt warning lights, or automatic stop/start function in one click you just can deactivate them and if needed activate them again.

There are a few popular OCA videos so you could better understand how they actually work and how simple the process is.

In this video, you will see how to activate Video in Motion.

In this video, we will show how to deactivate Start/Stop system.

Therefore it’s important to mention that One-Click-Apps available on your car may depend on vehicle equipment but don’t worry we got you covered check the full list of supported Apps for your vehicle with our supported vehicle tool. If you haven’t found something you need your request is more than welcome just fill the request in our forum mentioned before and our developers will try to make it happen. If you would like to learn more about the OBDeleven device and its features you can check the article at Gadgets Review.