OBDeleven Carly & Carista Comparison
#obdelevenOBDeleven Carly & Carista Comparison

Device Comparison - Our vs Competitors

There are lots of different devices on the market that allow you to connect to your vehicle, perform diagnostics, service functions and do customization. Some are simple code readers, others offer more advanced functionality. For many users it might be difficult to differentiate what each device is capable of. So, we made a comparison intended to VAG group vehicles to help understand our product better and see how it stands out compared to other diagnostic devices.





Supported All VAG Group Models

SFD Control Units Unlock

Basic Live Data

Full Vehicle Diagnostics

All Control Unit Live Data

Service Procedures (Oil service reset, Brake pad change)

DPF Regeneration

Full Fault Code Description

Smart Mechanic

Battery Registration

Control Unit Information

Precoded Features - One-click applications


Used Car Check

Control Unit Manual Coding/UDS Adaptations

Control units Gateway List Coding

Login Finder for Control unit

Control Unit Adaptation/Long Adaptation (manual)

Control Unit Basic Settings

Control Unit Reset

Car Programing History

Control Unit Backup

Output Tests

Powertrain, Drivetrain Calibrations

Control Unit EEPROM Read/Write

Device/Platform Compatibility

While some OBDII scanners or code readers work with the third-party software apps, OBDeleven software works exclusively with custom-made OBDeleven devices to ensure an excellent user experience. First-generation (white one) device is compatible with Android smartphones or lets, the Next-generation (black one) - compatible with both operating systems: Android and iOS. OBDeleven device currently supports Volkswagen Group vehicles such as AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, ŠKODA, SEAT, BENTLEY*, LAMBORGHINI**. We are also working to include more brands in the future. *Manufactured after 1991 **Manufactured after 2011

Reading/Clearing Fault Codes

In comparison to Carly, OBDeleven can read out the vehicle’s identification number and recognize the car to do a full fault scan immediately while using another competitor’s device, firstly you need to find the car on the list yourself. It can show descriptions for manufacturer-specific trouble codes, which most universal OBD2 scan tools cannot do. Generic tools are often limited and can only access a small part of the data available.

OBDeleven can show Freeze Frame Data, which gives detailed information - when the fault has occurred and what were the conditions (sensor data) at the time of the fault.

Every fault scan that has been performed previously by the user will be reflected with detail in the history section, even when no longer connected to the vehicle. You will still have all the information available even after clearing the faults and while away from the vehicle. It is also possible to share the scan data via email, for your own convenience or maybe to consult with another DIYer or a professional.

Easy Customization and Vehicle Maintenance

Advanced functions sound confusing? OBDeleven has a user-friendly solution for everyday drivers - One-Click Apps. 

They are pre-made functions that will allow you to change many vehicle settings, perform service functions or enable retrofitted components in just one click. Useful for people without extensive automotive experience or even professionals who want to save their precious time.

There are a few competitors that offer similar functionality with different names. But we stand out by providing a wider range of possibilities - applications for many different purposes: Adjustments, Retrofits, Workshop. They are constantly added and updated according to requests of our users on a dedicated forum section. Our one-click apps also feature descriptions that explain what each function does or what are the requirements that need to be fulfilled.


Perform the battery registration procedure or DPF filter regeneration using Carista will be easy enough and will not require any additional knowledge. With OBDeleven, these procedures should be done manually. My Carly has other useful features, such as Smart Mechanic and Used Car Check. Smart Mechanic can help you fix your car without service assistance. According to the error code, the device will detect what certain actions should be taken to find the cause of the fault. The Used Car Check feature is intended to protect people from fraud when they are buying a used car. It compares the mileage of the car according to the same year models, also it provides some insights about the health of the car.