OBDeleven announces the beginning of open beta tests of the BMW application
#obdelevenOBDeleven announces the beginning of open beta tests of the BMW application

The long-anticipated day is here, as the OBDeleven BMW application is taking another step towards its release with the beginning of the open beta test. Following an official agreement with the German car manufacturer group, which is also the parent company of MINI and Rolls-Royce, the development began with the attention to bring a quality solution to our current and new users.  

The purpose of the beta test is to refine the product and address any issues that might show up with either of the three BMW Group brands, resulting in the highest quality product being delivered once it is out of the testing phase. 

The following models will be supported and are required for testing: 

BMW (F, G, and I-series) 

MINI (F-series) 

select Rolls-Royce models

Throughout the testing period users will be able to test the diagnostic capabilities of the new application, including scanning, clearing, and looking up fault codes, as well as customization features available with One-Click Apps.  

Major step for OBDeleven and BMW drivers 

Following the open beta test and refinement of any issues that could be found throughout the testing period, the application will be then scheduled to be released in the coming weeks. 

“We are glad to be making another step in the development process of the OBDeleven BMW application,” stated Edvardas Astrauskas, the Chief Executive Officer of Voltas IT, the company behind OBDeleven. “Our goal is to fine-tune everything before releasing it to the public,” he added, as “quality comes as our priority.” 

Still, development began since signing an agreement with the BMW Group, with the focus on quality and One-Click Apps that would make OBDeleven the number one choice as the diagnostic tool for BMW drivers going forward. 

“This is a major steppingstone for all of us at OBDeleven, as we are extremely proud of the progress, we have made over the past few years with our Volkswagen Group (VAG)-focused and the incoming BMW applications,” continued Astrauskas. “We remain adamant to reaching our goal of becoming the number one intelligent automotive solution developer globally – and the newest addition to our product offering is part of that process.” 

Resources will be continued to be assigned to developing both the VAG and BMW applications going forward, as well as exploring any additional options to include more car brands in the future. 

Testing the new OBDeleven BMW application 

The BMW application will only be compatible with the NextGen device. Those who have access to the supported BMW models are being invited to participate in the beta test and provide feedback throughout the period to fine-tune the last details of the OBDeleven BMW application.  

The OBDeleven BMW Beta application can be downloaded here:

Google Play Store

App Store

Credits, which are used for One-Click Apps, can be jointly used throughout the VAG and BMW-focused applications, as the same accounts can be used to access both applications. Meanwhile, due to the differences in functionality, PRO and ULTIMATE plans, will remain a VAG-only feature. 

Currently, the iOS beta version of the BMW application does not permit to make in-app purchases. However, since the same OBDeleven accounts are used for BMW and VAG applications, your credits can be used interchangeably throughout both.

You can purchase credits for One-Click Apps here:


Please be mindful that the open beta is not the final version of the application and might not be stable.  

Following the discovery of any bugs throughout the usage of the open beta, users should report them to the OBDeleven support on the application by using the Report Bug function. Alternatively, you can also contact our support via the Live Chat function to do so.

The OBDeleven BMW application will be available in: 

The European Union (EU) 






United Kingdom (UK) 

United States (US)* 

*includes American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.