Best Christmas gift for a car enthusiast
#obdelevenBest Christmas gift for a car enthusiast

Looking for an inspiration getting the best gift for your special person – a passionate car fan? 

There are a lot of fun or functional gift for car lovers, but they are quite picky so it is not easy to them with something that will make their car-loving hearts skip a beat.

When it comes to the real car-obsessed, it doesn’t matter what occasion it is: birthday, Christmas or other special day, you need to make sure it is related to their passion and reflect their type of personality.

Some gifts let show of their love to a specific car brand, so branded accessories should fit perfectly, other gifts are more functional and will be appreciated by practical drivers. And those who are more interested to take their driving to the next level definitely need cool car gadgets.

To make shopping for the car enthusiasts a bit easier, we rounded up 20 clever gift ideas they'll be happy to receive. 

1. Bluetooth key finder. Sometimes they are so busy taking care of their cars, so they even forget about other things. A Bluetooth key finder will ensure that they never lose track of their keys. 

2. Inverted umbrella. Any car lover hates getting the interior of their vehicle wet. This unique, inverted umbrella can fold the top, wet layer into the dry layer underneath, preventing water from dripping everywhere. 

3. Charging cable. Usually, car lovers spend most of their time in their vehicles, that is why a universal charger would be an awesome gift providing a power to all their gadgets.

4. Driving sunglasses. An avid gearhead needs a great pair of driving sunglasses so that the glare of the sunlight wouldn’t blind them.

5. Dash cam. It is a must-have for every driver. It will capture video when it detects a bump or collision.

6. Car Phone holder. Drivers need to have their cell phones conveniently placed in the car. You can choose from various types.

7. Branded accessories. A baseball cap, t-shirt or a key chain with a car logo allow your driver to show off his car even when he is not driving it. And what about cufflinks? They could be the perfect addition to his formal outfit.

8. Car trunk organizer. It is a perfect choice for keeping the trunk clean and clutter-free. 

9. Car seat pillow. It provides an ideal support for the head and neck. These pillows make driving more comfortable and enjoyable.

10. Assistance kit or multitool. It is the best way to tell the driver in your life that you care. The assistance kit comes with a number of items that will help the driver in a multitude of situations, including emergencies, repairs, and stalled vehicles.

11. Coffee mug. It will not let your driver to get sleepy during his long travels.

12. Detailing Products / Car cleaning kit. Real petrolheads can never have enough tire shine or microfiber towels, so you can pamper him with some high-end detailing products. Washing, waxing the car’s finish, and detailing the car’s interior is a labor of love! That’s why you’ll find a great car wash kit in every car lover’s garage. 

13. Car vacuum cleaner. Since keeping the inside of a car clean is equally as important as the outside, a hand-held vacuum is another must-have for car lovers. 

14. Car fragrance. Clean inside, shining outside, and you should never forget a good smell.

15. Wall art. A real car lover likes to get a glimpse of his car even when he is not in the driveway, garage, or parking lot. 

16. An experiential gift. If you want to gift the person on your list an unforgettable experience, you can find everything from auto-cross lessons in an exotic car to go-kart races and rentals.

17. Cordless tire inflator. It will not let your driver’s trip to be ruined by a flat tyre.

18. Driving gloves. For a comfortable grip and handling. 

19. Car magazine subscription. Whether he’s looking for parts for a classic car, checking out accessories, or perusing the latest and greatest the market has to offer, a subscription to Car and Driver is a magnificent resource. 

20. OBDeleven. Best gift for any Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda enthusiast: daily driver or professional.

Some more ideas to think about:LED strips in the vehicle’s interior (Ambient Lighting); Aftermarket reverse camera; Car clean center Gift card; Puddle lights with car logo; Rain away liquid used on the windshield instead of wipers activation.

Car enthusiasts are naturally meticulous and picky about their preferences, so shopping for them can be a challenge, but they’ll definitely appreciate a gift that speaks to their obsession.