SFD Unlock

In 2020, the Volkswagen Group (VAG) manufacturers introduced a procedure preventing unauthorized control module modifications – SFD (Vehicle Diagnostic Protection). While not every VAG vehicle has SFD, the ones that do make it difficult for their owners to modify their cars. But when OBDeleven acquired a license from Volkswagen, we became the first third-party tool allowed to give secure access to modify both new and old generation VAG vehicles.

The process is fairly simple – It can automatically detect what control unit is locked by SFD while activating long coding, adaptations, or One-Click Apps. The SFD auto-unlock feature makes the procedure almost invisible.
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Turn your OBDeleven into an unlimited diagnostic tool

The ULTIMATE Pack is an innovative solution for professionals and daily drivers who want to refine and customize every inch of their car and boost its performance.  
OBDeleven replaces traditional bulky, expensive, and cumbersome diagnostic software with a pocket-sized device you can connect to with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Customize your car like never before with One-Click Apps – pre-coded car customizations. Or code and program these new applications yourself.  
OBDeleven is also the first third-party tool that lets you unlock SFD (Vehicle Diagnostic Protection) and customize the newest VAG models, making this pack an industry-leading solution for drivers and mechanics worldwide.


Includes NextGen OBDeleven device, ULTIMATE VAG Plan (12-month), magnetic phone holder, and carry pouch

12-month plan