Retrofits and tuning applications
#feedRetrofits and tuning applications

No additional knowledge needed - use One-Click-Apps to reset service and inspection lights (such as oil service reset, brake pads replacement, etc.) and to adapt additional vehicle parts after installation (such as LED license plate lights, washer fluid level sensor, etc.).

Workshop apps

Most car owners can relate to this situation - once you’ve driven a certain distance, a warning will show up on your dashboard - Service Now, Inspection Due, etc. It is a reminder that the oil change needs to be performed or the car should also be inspected for wear and tear. After you carry out the mechanical work - the warning still persists. There might be some tricky routines to reset the service interval counter - pushing different buttons in addition to turning the Ignition on and off, looking for some hidden menus, or with some vehicles - simply impossible to do manually. But there is a quicker and simpler solution - One-Click Apps that can do Oil Service Reset or Inspection Service Reset straight from your smartphone in just one-click.

Now, let’s step things up. For example, you want to change the brake pads of your vehicle. This requires to fully retract the brake calipers. If your vehicle has an electronic parking brake (EPB), it is operated by an electric motor that gets a signal from a control unit of the vehicle. Therefore, to open or close the brake calipers you will need to send a certain command to the specific control unit. How to do it? Again, it’s simple, use OBDeleven’s ready-made Brake Pads Replacement applications, which alloww to open, close and test the EPB.

These are just a few basic examples of what you can do with workshop one-click apps. There also are TPMS Reset, Basic Setting of Transmission, Fuel System Priming and many other useful One-Click apps.

Tuning - Adjustment apps

We get it, you like your car. It takes you from point A to point B. It is well maintained and pampered. But you’ve had it for some time now, and the excitement is gone. Do you still remember how it felt when you first got it? When you just waited for any occasion just to get in and drive. We can help you get that feeling back! With some OBDeleven tweaks, it is possible to make some adjustments that will make it feel fresh.

For some vehicles, it might be possible to alter the way engine responds to throttle input (your foot on the gas). Quite often the accelerator pedal is no more directly linked to the engine - it is only a sensor that engine control module reads and its input is corrected to make the vehicle easier to drive. It is tailored to work for most people, even for those who might not have the most experience. Throttle Pedal Response one-click-application will allow you to override the default setting and choose a more linear accelerator curve which will increase throttle response, and make your engine feel more awake. 

Interior Lights Fade-In/Out feature will greet you every time you turn your lights on. The interior lighting will gradually fade in and fade out as you turn on or turn off your headlights. 

Make your instrument cluster look different. Depending on your vehicle, it might be possible to change the style and colour of the gauges, enable needle sweeping when the vehicle is started, or change the logo that is shown on startup.

More One- Click-Apps:

  • Ambient lights (30 colours)
  • Static cornering lights
  • XDS Activation
  • Urban Joke - Dynamic turn signals


You’re a DIY’er that really likes to tinker and make most of your car? You have a possibility to retrofit some components that your vehicle did not have from the factory and adapt them to work.

For example, you can install LED license plate lighting. It seems pretty straightforward, but there might be a few hurdles along the way. Modern vehicles are monitoring the bulbs so that the driver can be alerted if any bulb is out and not working. It does so by pulsing the output which goes to the bulb and checks the feedback. If you switch the bulbs from halogen to LED, the ‘feedback’ that control module gets is as if the bulb was out and you will also get an irritating blinking of the lights when first turning on the headlights. Our Bulb Diagnostic and LED License Plate Lamps one-click apps will let you overcome these issues. Changing the bulb monitoring type to LED, will allow to use the newly fitted bulbs without any of the disadvantages.

This is just a simple example of an individual case. There are many more possibilities such as activating power-folding mirrors after retrofitting the required components, adding footwell lights, puddle lights (mirror lights), activating an OEM rear view camera, and the list goes on. There is no application for your needs? You can fill a request, and our engineers will take a look to see if it’s possible to make. 

Or maybe you are curious and willing to dive in deeper yourself - we have manufacturer-specific features for Volkswagen Group vehicles (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and others), which open up a lot of possibilities for tinkering and modifications. Manual Coding, Adaptations, Basic Settings will let advanced users manually make the needed modifications.

More One- Click-Apps:

  • Power folding mirrors
  • Footwell lights
  • LED bulbs (front, rear, license plate)
  • Puddle lights
  • Facelift taillights
  • Rear view camera
  • Lane assist