OBDeleven community - a crucial part of the brand
#feedOBDeleven community - a crucial part of the brand

Our community - a group of customers, partners, and employees – contributes to product development and builds trust in the brand. They provide support to each other and the most valuable feedback to us.

Why community matters?

Usually defined as a group of people who share common interests, a community for real car enthusiasts is so much more than a simple ‘interest’, it is a passion or even a lifestyle. That is why car enthusiasts form very strong online communities. It is they, who have grown the popularity of OBDeleven by recommending it on social media, uploading reviews on Youtube, and discussing it in automotive forums or blogs. 

Forum and groups

Increased interest in the product and the growing community led us to create a dedicated forum and a Facebook group. Here the OBDeleven community members can find commonly asked questions, get advice and assistance, share experience and tips with each other, give feedback, and report issues to us. Our fans established even more Facebook groups in their local languages, there are about 16 of them now: English, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, and others.

Beta testers

OBDeleven is being constantly improved, that is why the users need to be regularly informed about the updates, newly added features, technical issues, etc. It is also very important to receive their feedback and requests. Here our Beta testers play a big part. As early users of the software, they validate the product for functionality, usability, reliability, and compatibility. Their input helps in enhancing the quality of the product further. 


Moreover, our community members help their peers to better understand OBDeleven software by translating it into their local languages via an online translation platform - Crowdin. New contributors are always welcome!

When improving OBDeleven software we focus on the needs of our community: we listen to their requests and feedback. We get it from the different communication channels: direct messages to support or live chat on our web page, forum posts, Facebook group conversations, social media comments (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit), blogs, and others. Recently we introduced this blog OBDeleven blog where we provide information about the latest updates, tips & tricks, newly added One-Click Apps, technical product information, tutorials, and much more.

We encourage the growth of our community and are constantly looking for new ways to engage with it: we will soon meet at automotive events, at local fan clubs, or in the new social channels.