OBDeleven device

Can I use PRO activation code with another OBDeleven device? 

PRO activation code is needed to activate the PRO functions in the user account. It means that the code is assigned to the one, unique user account and don't have an effect on any OBDeleven devices. If you have lost your device, you can buy a new one without PRO license and use it with your existing account on which PRO license is activated.

Can I use my OBDeleven device with different phones or tablets?

Connecting different phones or tablets have no effect on device itself, so, you can connect with unlimited number of phones or tablets to your OBDeleven device.

Can I use PRO activation code with the different user accounts?

If you have already used the activation code you will not be able to use that code again with another account.  

Do I need the PRO version?

The PRO version is needed for you if you want to unlock functions such as:

  • Advanced identification
  • Live data
  • Coding
  • Long coding
  • Adaptations
  • Basic settings
  • Output test
  • History
  • PRO main screen theme*

*More data in the main screen as an engine code, battery voltage, vehicle year.

Will I get credits by activating PRO version?

We have only limited time offers for Black Friday, Christmas, Easter etc. when the customer can get additional free credits by purchasing OBDeleven goods. If that is not mentioned in our product description we will not provide any free credits.

Normally, activation of PRO version do not include credits. Users get 11 free credits for creating the account in the application and 1 daily credit for logging in. Also, you can get free credit by watching Google Ads in the application. The limit of a day is 5 credits.

Do I need an extension adapter with OBDeleven?

This adapter is usable on vehicles that have complicated access to the OBD-II diagnostic port. I.e. Škoda Octavia II or Audi A8 D3

Also, it can be useful if you are using OBDeleven often on many cars.

Do I need VAG 2x2 adapter with OBDeleven? 

This adapter allows you to use our 16 Pin OBDeleven with the earlier 2x2 diagnostic connectors.

Works on all VW, Audi, Seat, and Škoda vehicles with a 2+2 Pin female interface. On one side you have the 2x2 KKL plugs and on another end, you have the 16pin OBD-II female plug.

I have more than one vehicle, do device will work on them all?

The OBDeleven application does not have a limit of cars to connect with the device. One device is enough to connect with different cars which are supported by OBDeleven. 

The difference between a device with easy remove ring and device without a ring? . . .

Both devices have the same functionality, except that device with easy remove ring can be pulled out from OBDII socket easier.

What does the ULTIMATE pack include?

The ULTIMATE pack includes components that will be needed for comfortable use of OBDeleven for a smaller price.

  • 500 credits
  • PRO pack
  • Phone holder
  • Carrying pouch
  • Device + easy remove
Will I need the credits? 

The credits are needed to use one-click apps. 

What is a one-click app?

The one-click app is a prepared functions to enable or disable the car features. The number of one-click apps for your car depends on the car equipment.

Can I use third-party OBD-II devices with the OBDeleven application?

Third-party adapters are not supported by OBDeleven application. The device has unique firmware.

What is OBDeleven device?

The OBDeleven device is a small, unique and evolutionary car diagnostic tool which connects via Bluetooth with the supported vehicles. The device connects into the OBD-II diagnostic socket which is easily accessible under the steering wheel.

The device allows you to do:

  • Diagnostics
  • Code reading
  • Clearing faults
  • Use one-click apps