Next generation OBDeleven device

What is the difference between devices?

The first generation device (white) can work only with Android and can support Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Škoda, Lamborghini, and Bentley.

The next-generation device (black) can work with Android and iOS. The next-generation can support Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Škoda, Lamborghini and Bentley and will support more car brands in the future. Our next goal is to add the BMW.

The functionality of the devices is the same. The first-generation device does not have digital content (Credits or PRO version) included. While the Next-generation device comes in different packages:

STARTER pack - the next-generation device + 100 credits.

PRO pack - the next-generation device + 200 credits and the license of PRO.

ULTIMATE pack - the next-generation device + 500 credits, the license of PRO, carry pouch and the phone holder.

NextGen OBDeleven device without any credits or PRO.

Can I use Next generation device for both: Android and iOS?

For Android you can download application in Google play store, for iOS – in App store.

Will my current PRO version work on new device?

PRO version - your current account - will work properly on new device. Next generation device will fully support Android while iOS PRO version is under development.

When PRO version for iOS will be available?

iOS PRO is in development and will be released adding new PRO features constantly (every quarter). Newly added features will be automatically activated after each application update. Please check the timeline to see the progress of iOS PRO development.

Are credits I have valid on the new device?


Will the First generation device work properly? Will First generation device owners get discount? Can I exchange it device to Next generation device?

Android software will be updated constantly. First generation device is a great tool for your Android – it will be fully supported and updated. Next generation device is a tool with more capabilities. We can not offer discount for it.

Why First generation device does not support iOS?

Device has hardware limitation and can not support iOS software.

What car brands will Next gen device support? 

VAG group vehicles now and BMW in the nearest future (after software development). 

If I buy Starter pack, can I later upgrade to PRO?


Will I get credits with Next generation device?

Starter pack includes 100 credits.

PRO pack includes 200 credits.

Ultimate pack includes 500 credits.

If I had PRO on First generation device and I bought Next generation PRO/Ultimate pack, should I create new account?

Yes, if you want to start a new account, which is not necessary.

No, if want to keep your history, PRO license or credits. The current account and the credits you have in your account will be valid.

Can I change the LED color?

Yes. You can set the desired LED light color.

How to add device and connect to your car?

- Go to “Setting” (Android) or “Other” (iOS) and select “Devices”

- Press “+” icon

- Select the "OBDeleven 2" option from the list.  

- Press "Connect" from home screen

How to add pro license and credits to your account?

Select which items you want to use on the connected OBDeleven account.