Is my vehicle supported by OBDeleven?

The OBDeleven device fully supports all Volkswagen group vehicles:

  • AUDI
  • SEAT 

  *Manufactured after 1991

**Manufactured after 2011

Every different vehicle model could be checked in OBDeleven application. How to do that? Press HERE

What is order reference ID? 

Order reference ID helps us to identify your order in our system.

The ID will be provided via email after the order is confirmed. The reference ID is a combination of 9 uppercase letters. The example: ABCCBABCA 

Why I can't log in?

By creating an account in the application you will not be able to log in with the same account on the website or vice versa. Our site and application use different systems.

If you still aren't able to log in, could be, that you forgot the password and you can reset that by using the "Forgot password" function. Enter the email exactly as you have entered it by creating the account. If you have used uppercase letters or any other symbols you will be required to use them every time by logging in. 

The response time of customer support?

The OBDeleven Customer Service team is available Monday through Friday, from 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM (Timezone UTC+02:00). So, if you have not received the response from them, they will answer the question at the available time as soon as possible. 

What is the minimum software version needed? 

iOS 11 and above, Android 5.0 and above

Who is CAN?

CAN - a smart vehicle assistant, powered by artificial intelligence.

His mission is to: provide you with information regarding OBDeleven, help with technical issues, and answer your queries. His smart capabilities will expand everyday learning from your behavior and understanding you better with ambitious plans for future development. Want to know him better – read HERE.

Does OBDeleven use AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI), integrated into OBDeleven virtual assistant CAN, serves for automated, smarter, and more strategic customer service and better customer relationship management.

As a Chatbot CAN helps to anticipate specific customer needs learning from their contexts, previous chat history, and preferences. This assistant is invented to:

  • Provide customer with information regarding OBDeleven
  • Help identify the vehicle
  • Help customer with technical issues
  • Respond to customer queries
  • Forward customer feedback to the development team

There are more AI-powered digital solutions planned in the future to improve every aspect of our business for rich customer experience.

Why I can not buy or use digital content in OBDeleven application?

You need to download the latest application version. The application is constantly updated to ensure the best functionality.

Why application does not work on my Android phone?

The most recent version of OBDeleven app is compatible with Android 5.0 and above.

To ensure faster development of new features, security, and compliance with the highest quality standards we are constantly updating the software.  After last update OBDeleven application is not compatible with the Android version before 5.0 and do not allow connection to the vehicle.

What is OBDeleven Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Program is a process of earning commissions for recommending or advertising OBDeleven. When signed up for the Program you get a unique Affiliation link that redirects to OBDeleven website. You may use it referring to our product: in your social media accounts, on your website, and in your email messages. For every purchase made through your affiliate links, you will get 10% commissions.

To join the Affiliation program you should create an account on the OBDeleven website and agree with the Terms of the program. If you already have an OBDeleven account, you will need to sign and agree with the Terms.

Commissions will be paid once a month. The minimum amount for payment is 100 Euro. For an Affiliate to receive a commission, the referred account must remain active for a minimum of 60 days. You cannot refer yourself, and you will not receive a commission on your own accounts. There is also a limit of one commission per referral. Payments will only be sent for transactions that have been successfully completed. Transactions that result in chargebacks or refunds will not be paid out. 

Does the company work in compliance with ISO standards?

Voltas IT works in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards to meet customer and legal requirements. 

The ISO 9001 standard specifies the requirements for an organization to demonstrate that an effective quality management system is in place and consistently provides quality-driven products.

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized standard that guides an organization to implement and maintain an effective information security management system.

What is SFD?

Vehicle Diagnostic Protection (also known as SFD - Schutz Fahrzeug Diagnose) is an additional security layer that requires authorization between the vehicle and manufacturer. It may help to protect people from any fraud, by providing the information on who and when has connected to the control unit. This protection applies to the models manufactured from 2020 with the MQB Evo (VW Golf 8, Škoda Octavia IV, Seat Leon IV, Audi A3 8Y, Q4, etc.) and the MEB (VW ID.3, ID.4, Škoda Enyaq, etc.) platforms, restricting such features as adaptations, coding, parametrizations.

Control units protected by SFD: Engine Electronics, Central Electrics, Instrument Cluster, Gateway Electrics, Multimedia Unit, etc.

Is your vehicle protected by SFD?

As far as we know these are the cars that have the SFD protection:

Audi A3 from 2020

Audi Q4 from 2021

Volkswagen ID.3 from 2020

Volkswagen ID.4 from 2021

Volkswagen ID.5 from 2022

Volkswagen ID.6 from 2021

Volkswagen Golf 8 from 2020

Volkswagen Caddy from 2021

Volkswagen Teramont from 2020

Volkswagen Talagon from 2021

Škoda Octavia from 2020

Škoda Enyaq from 2021

Seat Leon from 2020

Cupra Leon from 2020

Cupra Born from 2021

Cupra Formentor from 2020

The list is incomplete. We are working on completing the list - keep in mind that your car might be SFD protected even if it is not on the list.

If you have OBDeleven you can check it in the live data parameters of each control unit in ''SFD activated status''.


How to unlock SFD protected control units on Android?

To simplify SFD protection usage, we have created SFD auto-unlock feature which will make SFD protection almost invisible. If SFD auto-unlock is turned on and you try to change Long coding, Adaptation or use One-Click Apps in locked control unit OBDeleven application will automatically ask for the SFD token from Volkswagen servers, unlock control unit, and store value which you would like to change.

OBDeleven can automatically detect that the control unit is locked by SFD protection when you go to Long coding, Adaptations, or using One-Click Apps and try to write data but the control unit is still locked. In this situation, the application will ask you to authorize the SFD unlock procedure.

To manually unlock SFD protected control unit first Connect to the vehicle, go to the desired control unit, press the SFD protection button and select SFD to unlock option. After these steps control unit will be unlocked for 90 minutes. If you would like to lock the control unit earlier just select the SFD Lock option and the control unit will be locked immediately.

To access SFD functionality for the first time you will be asked to update your personal data*.  This data is mandatory by our agreement with Volkswagen AG.

*The data you will need to provide: verified email, basic personal info (Name, Surname, Phone number, Country), enabled Two-Factor Authentication.

Does SFD unlocking require additional cost? 

For all OBDeleven PRO, ULTIMATE, and One-Click Apps users SFD will be unlocked for free.

Are there any restrictions for SFD use?

SFD access is limited to:

  • 100 SFD unlocks per 1 hour
  • 40 different VINs per 1 day
  • 1000 SFD unlocks per 1 day

The unlock of SFD will not work if you are located in Taiwan or China.

You will be notified when you will reach your limit. To access SFD restricted control units you may have to wait about an hour.

Which OBDeleven device should be used to unlock SFD?

In order to unlock SFD protection, you can use any OBDeleven device: First-Gen (white) or Next-Gen (black).