How to redeem codes in user Dashboard?

If you purchased PRO/Ultimate subscription or credits on OBDeleven web site, you can redeem them in the user Dashboard.

Open the LINK

Sign in with your OBDeleven application account: enter same email and password as signing into the app when using OBDeleven device.

You can see your user email and user name in the top left corner.

The amount of credits in your user account is featured in the top right corner.

Enter your PRO/Ultimate subscription code or the credits code.

Once you enter the code, you will be able to see the digital content.

Once you redeem the code, it will be instantly added to your OBDeleven application user account.

Press “Done” and your credits or PRO/Ultimate subcription license will be ready to use.

How to login to user Dashboard?

Open the LINK

Enter your OBDeleven application user email and the password (pay attention to the capital letters).

WARNING! The website and the OBDeleven application accounts are running on different platforms, so you can not log in with the website account. Make sure that you are entering your OBDeleven application email and password!

You can log in via your Facebook or Twitter account if your OBDeleven application account is linked to it.

If you do not have the OBDeleven application account yet, you can Sign up for it.