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Is my vehicle supported by OBDeleven?

The OBDeleven device fully supports all Volkswagen group vehicles:

  • AUDI
  • SEAT 

  *Manufactured after 1991

**Manufactured after 2011

Every different vehicle model could be checked in OBDeleven application. How to do that? Press HERE

What is order reference ID? 

Order reference ID helps us to identify your order in our system.

The ID will be provided via email after the order is confirmed. The reference ID is a combination of 9 uppercase letters. The example: ABCCBABCA 

Why I can't log in?

By creating an account in the application you will not be able to log in with the same account on the website or vice versa. Our site and application use different systems.

If you still aren't able to log in, could be, that you forgot the password and you can reset that by using the "Forgot password" function. Enter the email exactly as you have entered it by creating the account. If you have used uppercase letters or any other symbols you will be required to use them every time by logging in. 

The shipping time?

Item sent via Lithuania post (AB "Lietuvos paštas") or Deutsche Post DHL delivery may take up to 3-14 business days in Europe, and 7-30 business days in the United States of America and 14-30 in Canada. Due to the COVID-19 situation, some orders may be delayed and delivery could extend up to 4 weeks.

Item sent via UPS courier or DHL carrier may take up to 1-3 business days in Europe and 2-5 business days in the United States of America and Canada. 

Such virtual goods as a PRO/Ultimate subscription version license activation code will be delivered via e-mail after the payment is confirmed. 

IMPORTANT: Due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation, we want to inform you that shipping and delivery of the OBDeleven products may take longer depending on the third-party (shipping companies, local postal work environment, and etc.:) influence.

What shipping carriers do you use?

Lithuanian post (AB “Lietuvos paštas”), Deutsche Post DHL, UPS courier and DHL Express and Amazon carrier services

How can I track my shipment?

After package is sent, you will get an automatic e-mail from our system that the package is in transit. In this email, you will find the link which will redirect you to the tracking information. The tracking information is not available if the shipment was sent on the same day, but, it will be available in the period of 24 hours.

Do I have the device warranty?

Hardware devices provided by Voltas IT  (“Hardware”) are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use (a) for new Hardware, two (2) years from the date of purchase by the original end-user purchaser, and (b) for refurbished Hardware, ninety (90) days after the date the refurbished Hardware is shipped by Voltas IT  to you or the remainder of the new Hardware Warranty Period, whichever is longer (as applicable, the “Warranty Period”).

To find more information about the warranty policy CLICK HERE

How I can return my order?

Quality hardware can be returned to VOLTAS IT within 14 working days for any reason. Returned goods must be in the original packaging and without marks of use. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Virtual goods, such as PRO and Ultimate subscription plans, can be returned within 30 days if you have not used them within 30 days of purchase. If you have used at least one feature of PRO or Ultimate subscription plans, they cannot be returned.

Unused credit activation codes can be returned within 30 days (starting from the moment the code is generated).

OBDeleven device
Can I use PRO/Ultimate subscription activation code with another OBDeleven device? 

PRO/Ultimate subscription activation code is needed to activate the PRO/Ultimate subscription functions in the user account. It means that the code is assigned to the one, unique user account and don't have an effect on any OBDeleven devices. If you have lost your device, you can buy a new one without PRO/Ultimate subscription license and use it with your existing account on which PRO/Ultimate subscription license is activated.

Can I use my OBDeleven device with different phones or tablets?

Connecting different phones or tablets have no effect on device itself, so, you can connect with unlimited number of phones or tablets to your OBDeleven device.

Can I use PRO/Ultimate subscription activation code with the different user accounts?

If you have already used the activation code you will not be able to use that code again with another account.  

Next generation OBDeleven device
What is the difference between devices?

The first generation device (white) can work only with Android and can support Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Škoda, Lamborghini, and Bentley.

The next-generation device (black) can work with Android and iOS. The next-generation can support Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Škoda, Lamborghini and Bentley and will support more car brands in the future. Our next goal is to add the BMW. The functionality of the devices is the same. 

Can I use Next generation device for both: Android and iOS?

For Android you can download application in Google play store, for iOS – in App store.

Are credits I have valid on the new device?


How to redeem codes in user Dashboard?

If you purchased PRO/Ultimate subscription or credits on OBDeleven web site, you can redeem them in the user Dashboard.

Open the LINK

Sign in with your OBDeleven application account: enter same email and password as signing into the app when using OBDeleven device.

You can see your user email and user name in the top left corner.

The amount of credits in your user account is featured in the top right corner.

Enter your PRO/Ultimate subscription code or the credits code.

Once you enter the code, you will be able to see the digital content.

Once you redeem the code, it will be instantly added to your OBDeleven application user account.

Press “Done” and your credits or PRO/Ultimate subcription license will be ready to use.

How to login to user Dashboard?

Open the LINK

Enter your OBDeleven application user email and the password (pay attention to the capital letters).

WARNING! The website and the OBDeleven application accounts are running on different platforms, so you can not log in with the website account. Make sure that you are entering your OBDeleven application email and password!

You can log in via your Facebook or Twitter account if your OBDeleven application account is linked to it.

If you do not have the OBDeleven application account yet, you can Sign up for it.

What is an OBDeleven PRO subscription PLAN?

PRO/Ultimate subscription PLAN  - 1-year subscription allowing access to advanced OBDeleven features:

  • Coding / Long coding
  • Coding II 
  • Sub control units coding
  • Diagnostic service change
  • Control unit reset (UDS) 
  • Login finder 
  • Security access
  • Security database
  • Adaptation / Long adaptation
  • Trouble code Freeze frame
  • Basic settings
  • Gateway auto code (in development)
  • Gateway installation list coding
  • Coding/Long coding/Adaptation labels development 
  • Live data labels development 
  • Control unit backup 

One-Click Applications requires an additional in-app purchase. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you haven't used any feature from your subscription PLAN, you can return it within 30 days after purchase. If you have used at least one feature, there is no possibility to return the PLAN. 

How long is the subscription code valid?

If the code was not activated, it is valid for 12 months after purchase.

How do I know if my subscription PLAN is active?

Check on your profile.

What is an OBDeleven Ultimate PLAN?

Ultimate PLAN - 1-year subscription allowing access to OBDeleven features, such as:

All PRO/Ultimate subscription features

Unlimited access to One-Click Apps

Show Raw data 

OCA Builder (software with an ability to create own One-Click Apps)

What is Raw data?

It is Raw function data (material) for the creation of One-Click-Apps. It enables viewing extended Raw data such as Adaptation and Basic Setting IDs (Identification Numbers) and others. 

What is an OCA builder?

Using this tool you can develop One-Click-Apps using most functions you would be able to access manually when using OBDeleven - such as Coding, Long Coding, Adaptations, Basic Settings, Service Change, Reset and many others.

Subscription expiry

Subscriptions will not be automatically extended, it should be done manually via the Dashboard. When the subscription expires you will be returned to the plan you had before: Basic or PRO/Ultimate subscription.

I had the PRO license and I bought Ultimate PLAN, what happens after it expires?

When the ULTIMATE PLAN expires, you will be returned to the remaining PRO/Ultimate subscription PLAN (if it was active before activating Ultimate) or to Lifetime PRO/Ultimate subscription (if you have purchased the PRO before 15.06.2021).

I activated Ultimate PLAN before the expiry of the PRO PLAN, what happens after the Ultimate expires?

When the ULTIMATE PLAN will expire, you will be returned to the same PRO/Ultimate subscription balance as it was before the activation of the ULTIMATE PLAN.

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