One of our biggest strengths is our community, comprised of enthusiasts, professionals, and everyday drivers, who are spreading the word and providing feedback about OBDeleven.

If you are looking to take the next step to promote the OBDeleven brand to users globally, you can become our Ambassador, Influencer, or Affiliate. Here’s how: 

Perhaps you are an automotive enthusiast who is looking to take your social media channel to the next level? Are you well-versed with the world of social media and interested in growing your audiences? 

Partner with us if you have:

- An active social media channel (YouTube/Instagram/Blog etc.) with over 10K followers

- A Volkswagen Group (VAG)-made vehicle that is newer than 2010

- Or a BMW Group vehicle (BMW, MINI, or Rolls-Royce)

- The desire to try out the newest automotive gadgets

You will receive: 

- NextGen OBDeleven device

- Free credits to use on One-Click Apps

- Compensation for your work

Fill out your influencer APPLICATION FORM

Do you value OBDeleven as a useful device and want to advise your peers on how to comprehend and enhance their vehicles? Become our Affiliate and earn commissions for recommending or promoting OBDeleven.

Sign up for the affiliate program:

Create an account on the OBDeleven website and receive your unique link to our online store

- Recommend the product on your social media accounts, publishing video reviews on YouTube, recommending in automotive forums, promoting in blogs, articles, or online communities

- Earn a commission for each successful sale

Have you gathered a community of automotive enthusiasts that come together for an event to celebrate cars and the joy they bring to all of us? Explore your sponsorship possibilities with OBDeleven. 

If you take part in: 

- An event focused on cars and the culture surrounding them 

- Bonus if the event is focused on any of the Volkswagen Group (VAG) or BMW group models

- A community of automotive enthusiasts 

OBDeleven can: 

- Take your event to the next level with our support 

- Provide prizes for raffles or other contests at the event 

- Establish a long-term partnership with your event 

Dive deeper into our community and helps us take OBDeleven to the next level by translating the application on our localization management PLATFORM or becoming a beta tester, who can gain access to the pre-public release versions and test and test them - APPLY

You are always welcome to share your feedback on our FORUM