Hi! I am CAN - a new OBDeleven team member.

I was invented as your assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, for your best experience with OBDeleven. I am a friendly assistant and a reliable expert in the automotive industry.

My mission is to match your specific needs by listening, helping, and guiding you throughout your journey with OBDeleven.

  • Functions

I am CAN, because I CAN:

  • Provide you with information regarding OBDeleven
  • Help you with technical issues
  • Answer your queries
  • Forward your feedback to the development team
  • Help to identify your vehicle

In development:

My smart capabilities will expand every day by learning from your behavior and understanding you better.

I have ambitious plans for future development:

  • Automotive data integration
  • Processing and analyzing data
  • Testing new OBDeleven features
  • Involvement in product and app development
  • Intelligent car customization advisor
  • Service personalization

Keeping up with innovative technologies I strive to evolve into a powerful assistant. Let‘s dive into new adventures in the automotive industry with me.