How to Make Your Car Sportier with OBDeleven?

How to Make Your Car Sportier with OBDeleven?
Some people view cars as an extension of themselves, while others think of cars as accessories and strong statements representing individualism. And this usually translates to either iconic classic models, roaring jeeps, or, especially – the newest sports models.
Sporty cars have a certain allure that draws people in, with their sleek design, powerful engines, and fast acceleration. Some people take this love for sporty cars to the next level by modifying their vehicles to make them even sportier. 

However, for most of us, cars are necessary for our daily lives. But that doesn't mean we don't want to tweak our vehicles to resemble their sportier counterparts. It's just that, usually, car customization can take precious time and a whole dedicated budget.
That's why we've prepared a list of specific One-Click Apps for VAG and BMW cars that can help you achieve both a sportier look and feel. 

One-Click Apps – In a Nutshell   

OBDeleven's pre-coded applications, or One-Click Apps, are unique modifications that allow users to quickly and easily customize car features with just a single tap on their smartphones.
You can enable or disable comfort features, adjust various vehicle functions, select dashboard themes, colors, and the list goes on.
Currently, OBDeleven has an extensive applications library with up to 10K different One-Click Apps for individual car models. And, of course, there are also specific applications that make your car sportier.   

BMW Sport Automatic Transmission   

Sport Automatic Transmission allows you to customize your BMW's automatic transmission to shift gears at higher RPMs and makes the driving experience more aggressive.
Moreover, this app also lets you accelerate faster. When you want a sportier ride, the Sport Automatic Transmission app gives you the control you need to make every drive more enjoyable and thrilling.

Sport+ Mode  

Many BMW cars have different driving modes you can select – ECO, COMFORT, SPORT, etc. Some cars even have the SPORT+ mode, which lets you increase your car's performance. The main difference between SPORT mode and SPORT+ mode is that the Plus mode turns off the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) setting. Though, you'll still have the Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) to help control your car.
While not all BMWs have this setting, some do – one of the main differences is that those cars don't show this setting among other driving modes. The Sport+ Mode One-Click App allows you to activate this setting by showing it in the list of accessible driving modes. So, whenever you feel like driving down a track at high speed, you can easily do that with this One-Click App.

Sport Mode Configuration  

If your BMW has the SPORT mode, you can delve deeper into this mode and choose which configurations you want to be altered. With the Sport Mode Configuration One-Click App, you can do that easily – simply activate this app, and you'll be able to individually select different configurations like chassis, drivetrain, or both, straight from your iDrive. 

Sport Displays 

The Sport Displays One-Click App enables a display that includes the Power and Torque gauges. These parameters help you to track your vehicle's performance. Whether you're racing or simply want to see more information about your BMW's performance. Also, depending on which BMW model you have, you can view additional parameters like turbine pressure, engine temperature, or G-meter. 

Active Spoiler Speed  

Do you ever think you need more traction when you drive? If your BMW has an active spoiler, you can use the Active Spoiler Speed One-Click App to choose the speed at which the active spoiler will be extended automatically. This is a great feature, as a lifted spoiler can slightly increase downforce and give you more traction.  

Paddle Shifters (Retrofit)  

Activate paddle shifters after steering wheel retrofit. This gives drivers more control of the car, which is especially useful for track use. Some BMW cars don't have paddle shifters on wheels. So, often drivers retrofit these changes, but they have to be properly configured. To save time, you can use the Paddle Shifters One-Click App, which makes sure that the paddle shifters work as intended.  
Audi Sport Layout   

Similar to the BMW Sport Display App, the Audi Sport Layout One-Click App allows you to change what you see on your dashboard. This app, however, lets you activate the S or RS view and have an RPM gauge in the middle of the dashboard. Basically, this app changes your standard view by showing the RPM gauge in the middle instead of the usual speedometer and tachometer. All other parameters, including speed, turn digital to make it easier for the driver to track RPM changes when speeding or racing.  

Lap Timer 

The Lap Timer One-Click App lets you start a timer right in your vehicle's dashboard, so you can easily measure your vehicle's performance and lap times. This feature looks like a chronometer and can be controlled with the buttons on your wheel to make it easier. In essence, this app gives you more information on your lap times and how fast your car can accelerate. Plus, this data is saved so you can review it at a more convenient time!

Steering Wheel Response

Usually, for more active driving, drivers prefer a "heavier" wheel response. The reason is that it allows drivers to better understand the grip or what's the road like. Besides that, when driving at higher speeds, a heavier response also means less sudden and sensitive wheel movement which makes driving easier and safer. In short, a lighter wheel control is more for comfort and laid-back driving, while a heavier wheel is better for sports driving.
The Steering Wheel Response One-Click lets you choose between the steering response and driving feel. This function will adjust steering assistance aid strength to make the steering feel lighter or heavier. There's also the Dynamic mode which switches to a lighter response at lower speeds, like when parking, or heavier at high speeds.

Throttle Pedal Response

Want to make your throttle pedal more sensitive? Well, you can easily do that with the Throttle Pedal Response One-Click App, as it makes the throttle pedal more sensitive throughout acceleration. It increases the sensitivity and response speed of the throttle pedal, which definitely resembles a sportier driving experience. While this doesn't mean that your engine power will be boosted, you will experience a difference in acceleration.

Increased Engine Responsiveness

This special One-Click App increases engine responsiveness by changing settings to your Audi program. It gives you a slightly sportier driving feel. The Increased Engine Responsiveness One-Click App works with VAG 1.5 TSI engines. So, why do we mention Audi here? Well, the same engine in Audi feels more edgy and sporty. That's why the One-Click App is a great way to make your engine feel sportier and more powerful.

Wrapping up

Sports cars will always have a dedicated place in the hearts of all car enthusiasts. And while not everyone wants to invest in a sports car or needs one for that matter, you can enable small tweaks that can completely alter your driving experience. The best part? These tweaks are completely reversible, so it's an amazing way to try out a different driving style without major changes.