Top 5 Hidden BMW Comfort Features You Can Unlock with OBDeleven

Top 5 Hidden BMW Comfort Features You Can Unlock with OBDeleven
Whether you’re a professional racer, mechanic, car enthusiast, or an average driver – we all want to feel comfortable in our own cars. After all, cars remain the most popular means of transportation worldwide. And with the ever-developing car technology and software, we hear about cars coming out with new features every day.
But did you know your BMW car could also have industry-leading features you’re not aware of? In this article we’ll go over some of the most important hidden BMW comfort features you can unlock with OBDeleven’s pre-made coding applications called One-Click Apps. Let’s find out how you can improve your daily driving experience.

What’s OBDeleven? 

OBDeleven NextGen is a pocket-sized Bluetooth device you can use to run in-depth car diagnostics to check on your car’s overall status and control manufacturer-locked features.
Our library of One-Click Apps lets you access and customize your car’s features and functions the way you want to, without ever needing to know how to code. And that also includes unlocking your BMW’s hidden comfort features.

Activate BMW Hidden Features with One-Click Apps

There are quite a few BMW car hidden features you can unlock with our One-Click Apps. To do that, simply plug in OBDeleven device into your car’s OBD-II port, open the app and navigate to the One-Click Apps section. Once you’re connected, we recommend these top 5 One-Click Apps to enhance your BMW comfort experience.

1. Start/Stop Memory Feature 
While the Start/Stop system is no doubt beneficial in certain situations, reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, it’s not always convenient. And you can’t just simply turn off the Start/Stop system manually either. However, with our One-Click Apps you can have full control over the system’s activation and deactivation from your phone.  
The Start/Stop Memory feature lets you retain a car’s Start/Stop system setting after ignition is turned off. Thanks to this feature you won’t have to struggle with manually deactivating the system each time you start your car.

2. Default Driving Mode 
Some BMW cars  have several different driving modes like Sport, Comfort, Adaptive, and others. But manually selecting a preferred mode each time you start your car is redundant, especially if you don’t vary between different modes. With OBDeleven’s Default Driving Mode One-Click App you can choose a default driving mode you like, and keep it that way.
This application allows drivers to set a specific driving mode as the default one when the vehicle is started, saving time of manually selecting the preferred mode every time the car is started.

3. Trunk Closing via Key Fob 
Opening a car’s trunk with its key fob isn’t exactly a new thing. But with our One-Click App, you can use your key fob to both open and close your trunk remotely. The Trunk Closing One-Click App lets you close your car trunk without having to physically walk around to the back of the vehicle. Whether your hands are full, or you’re in a rush, this app will add an additional comfort feature. 

4. Auto Folding Mirrors
The Auto Folding Mirrors One-Click App is a useful feature for everyone who find themselves navigating their vehicles in tight spaces. This application not only provides an extra layer of protection, preventing unwanted and unnecessary accidents – it’s also a real sigh of relief.
Once you activate the Auto Folding Mirrors feature, your car mirrors will fold in automatically when the vehicle is locked. No more accidental bumps and scratches – you’ll be able to rest assured your car’s safe when parked in crowded parking lots.

5. Easy Entry Activation
Finally, our last pick is the Easy Entry Activation feature. It’s an incredibly convenient feature you can enable to set up both your car seat and steering wheel to automatically move back to allow the driver to enter and exit their BMW car easier. If your vehicle is equipped with electrically adjustable seats that have a memory function, you can easily embed your driver seat and steering wheel change preferences into your car’s system memory.
This One-Click App is especially convenient for people who frequently carry large items in their car or have certain health implications that restrict movement as it allows for more room to enter and exit the vehicle.
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Closing Thoughts

Having a car is certainly a convenience, but once you understand your car and what you can do with it – you can boost your driving experience and exponentially maximize your comfort. New BMW cars are amazing, but you shouldn’t pass along your own BMW without unlocking its hidden comfort features that could become a luxury experience.