Automatic Identification from VIN

Automatic Identification from VIN
This feature automatically identifies a car's information from the VIN once connected to the OBDeleven device. Automatic Identification provides instant information on the car's year of manufacture, along with an attached picture visible in the Garage section of the app.

With this feature, you’ll immediately know your vehicle’s name, model, and manufacture year, making it extremely convenient for users working with multiple cars. Best of all, Automatic Identification eliminates the need for manual entry of VIN, providing a digital copy for easy reference.

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Customize your car with OBDeleven

OBDeleven NextGen – a pocket-sized Bluetooth device was designed to make it easier for all drivers to communicate with their cars better. It offers Advanced Diagnostics for the Volkswagen Group (VAG), BMW Group, and Toyota Group, customizations for Volkswagen Group (VAG) and BMW Group, and Basic OBD2 Diagnostics for all car brand owners.
Customize your car the way you want and access hidden features with the help of various One-Click Apps. You can purchase your favorite Apps with Credits, our in-app currency.  
Officially licensed by the Volkswagen Group (VAG), BMW Group, and Toyota Group, OBDeleven is the first third-party tool that lets you customize the newest VAG models with our SFD-unlock feature. 
NextGen OBDeleven device
NextGen OBDeleven device

Full diagnostics with extensive vehicle feature customization options for daily drivers – works without any subscription

No paid plan required